Popular Exterior Sign Types

In South Florida, business signs are as unique as the businesses that use them. These metal structures usually stand at least 12 feet high, rest on concrete grounds and can reach up to a maximum of 24 feet high. To increase their visibility even further, these kinds of business signs depend on energy-efficient LEDs for lighting. This kind of outdoor signage is ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising campaigns and is commonly used in South Florida.

The different types of business signs vary according to their use. However, there are some basic components that all businesses share: a goal, a message, and a target audience. For example, a sign company might want to showcase its latest products in a manner that makes them stand out and be memorable. By choosing one of the many popular types of business signs, businesses can promote themselves effectively and ensure that potential customers remember who they are.

One of the most common types of outdoor signs used in San Francisco is a simple piece of fabric stretched over a lightweight aluminum frame. The fabric is lightweight because it has no springs, rollers, or other heavy materials needed to keep it in place. Instead, a thin waterproof vinyl exterior is used to support it. These pylon signs provide great visibility and strength, with many models holding up to two hours of continuous visibility. Pylon signs can be placed above or along a sidewalk, at the front of a building or in any other location. Many businesses use these kinds of exterior signage to provide a way to clearly identify their business, as well as to create an inviting environment for potential customers.

The next consideration is what kind of visual communications with a business would like to make with its signage. Since most signs are constructed using a standard font, color, and font style, there are various graphic options available to a business owner when it comes to creating visual communications. The options depend on the target audience and the tone of the business as well as the graphics that will be displayed. Most businesses, however, choose to have text-based signs, either alongside or as inserts into larger graphics.

Monument Signs is perhaps the most popular among South Florida business owners. Monument signs are nearly always larger than standard signage because they are meant to stand alone in a location. However, smaller monuments may be placed next to other types of signage or alongside vehicles. The purpose of this type of signage is to provide an attractive focal point that draws attention to an area of the main road or a specific feature of a building. They can also be found in many public areas such as parks and museums, but their use is generally confined to interior sign types.

Sidewalk Signs is used mainly for exterior signage on sidewalks and near entrances to new businesses. Sidewalks are wide and rectangular and often contain two-way street signs. They may display the name and logo of the new business or promote a local advertiser. However, they are often surrounded by multiple channel letters that usually have a similar color scheme.