How to Save Money When Shopping for Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

There is a new revolution happening in the world of business signage and graphic design. Gone are the days when a car salesman pushed a fleet of cars down a main street. It has become much more efficient with the introduction of customized signs and graphic packages. Companies from across the country and around the globe are using vehicle wrap options to make their brand and message much more noticeable to potential customers.


Companies like Auto Connection have made it possible for a car salesman to hand out flyers with the company’s contact information and a price for a service. The customer goes to the service center, looks at the flyer, gets the service and leaves. The customer does not see the vehicle wraps or graphics because they were only on paper. This is called a vinyl wrap.


If you look at most vehicle wraps on the market, they are either paper or plastic. They are not made of actual metal and sometimes they are not even clear. A vinyl graphic or window seal can be made of any transparent material. Common materials used for vehicle magnets include PVC, polystyrene, squeezable plastic, clear vinyl, bead board, decals and many more. Each of these materials have their own special characteristics that allow the manufacturer to create different sizes and shapes, as well as unique prints and images.


Most of the time, companies use vinyl graphics when they want to make a large number of copies. When you shop for vehicle magnets on the Internet, you may also find some online custom vehicle wraps for sale that are created from a wide selection of materials. Many of the wraps you see online can fit onto your own vehicle, without modification. You can get free consultations over the phone or through e-mails before you decide to make a purchase.


In addition to the many advantages of ordering custom vehicle wraps on the Internet, you also have access to a full selection of products at competitive prices. Most of the professional companies offer a full selection of vinyl graphics for all makes and models of vehicles. Some of the companies also offer special discounts for long-term contracts or repeat sales. If you order a full vehicle wrap, you can expect it to be ready and installed in less than two weeks. Some of the specialty companies offer installation services as well. That means if you are not mechanically inclined, you can install the vinyl graphics on your own.


If you want to save money on your custom vehicle wraps, ask about discounts during the ordering process. Sometimes the customer service department will offer a discount for ordering more than one vinyl wrap. In addition, certain companies offer discounts if you purchase a minimum number of car wraps. There are many other ways to save money when ordering a vinyl wrap on the Internet.